When should you use the Column Guard?

X-Protect is a unique approach to safety barriers. Unrivalled modularity, few system compents and damping that is built in create a barrier system that changes with your work place. X-Protect allows rapid transformation, repair or replacement of existing barriers and bespoke configurations are limitless.


The advantages of the Column Guard 

Our column protectors are adjustable and designed to provide impact resistant which protects your facilities pillars from vehicle impact damages. The interlocking sections are modular, makes the column guard easy to install and guarantees a tight fit to all sides of the column to save space. Finish the installation with adjustable straps. The design with specially formed air channels to disolve impact forces. 



  • Protect columns up to 375mm
  • Telescopic size adjustments
  • Light-weight hollow impact absorbing design
  • Notch base cover
  • Recyclable material


Showcasing Axelents Column Guard

In this movie you get the glimpse of our Column Guard. The guard protects your facilities pillars with the design of specially formed air channels to dissolve impact forces from vehicles.


Click here to get more technical information on this product our learn more about X-Protect system.

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