Safety culture – part of our DNA 

The fact that safety is an interaction between people’s actions and risk management is nothing new to anyone – especially not for us at Axelent. Here, safety thinking is a natural part of our business and is rooted in our DNA. 

We breathe safety, and it is with us from the moment we get up in the morning until the moment we go to bed at night.  

Our safety culture means that everyone in the workplace is aware of the risks that exist, and that they have both the knowledge and the will to reduce them. It is crucial to work in a preventive manner with safety, before an accident occurs. In order to create a safe workplace, it is essential for the technology and the physical working environment to be designed and adapted to the users, although human behaviour also has to be taken into account. 

That’s why it is particularly important for us to share our knowledge about safety and, alongside this knowledge, for us to produce, design and pack thousands of products every day, which are then shipped off so that everyone’s workplace can become a safe and secure place to be. 

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What does safety mean to you?

Our safety culture involves knowledge, awareness of risks and the will to reduce them.

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