Axelents state-of-the-art testing facility


Axelent is a safety company, so naturally X-Protect has been through vigorous testing with loads of technology at our state-of-the-art testing facility. We use real world forces and impact zones so you can have peace of mind that you get all the protection you need.


Our impact protection is fully tested against all standards 

Throughout the design process we have done loads of simulating testing with really complexed computer modeling. When it comes to releasing a new product line, we needed a test area that was fully accountable where we can demonstrate we done tests as scientifically as possible. The test has been externally audited to verify that we made the test by the book.  

The testing has been accentual to make sure that the products withstand the force we need it to do. Without real world testing you never know how something is going to perform. You can do all the computer modeling you like but it’s difficult to get all the material data you need to get a really accurate model. There is really no substitute for crashing into stuff.  

Our state-of-the-art testing facility makes it possible for us to test all our different configurations.


Impact High
Double Impact
Double Impact Low
Pedestrian + Impact
Pedestrian + Impact High
Column Guard

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